Why I Love Marketing: Part 1

Ever since I was a kid my dad always said that the most important thing about a job is that you should do what you love. I grew up hearing that when you do what you love it won’t feel like work, and the money will come – don’t worry about it, and don’t make money your first priority, ever. So with this constantly in my ear I was always worried that I wouldn’t find what I was passionate about, until I found marketing. So, what do I love about marketing?

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I love that marketing is:

Data driven.



These marketing elements are what draw me to the discipline. Business is business, but the business of marketing is so much more fun in my opinion.

Today I’ll cover the data driven aspect, and next week I will talk about the creative and personal aspects of why I love marketing (second blog post here)

Marketing is data driven: What data do I like?

To start any marketing plan you must start with discovery. This discovery comes through research about the industry, competitors, your own company and customers, and consumer trends. All of this data will drive your decisions from here on out – because money won’t be spent unless you have a solid reason as to why, and how it will affect the bottom line.

Social Media Data

One of my favorite places to gather data is through social media. The data that social media provides is typically very recent, it is personal to what the consumer is interested in, and is extensive in content. With social media I can know an abundance of things, such as what my consumers are saying about me and in what context, what posts of mine get the most engagement, what my consumers are interested in, and when my consumers are on social media most often. This level of detailed data is incredible, and has the power to make the work that marketers do that much more effective and insightful.

Solid Secondary Research

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but when you come across secondary research that is valid, reliable, fits your needs, and is recent it kind of feels like you’ve just scored a free lunch. Sure, secondary research doesn’t always check off every box or answer every question you may have, but it gives you a starting point. Use this data to make your primary data more specific and focused, allowing you to utilize your resources in a more effective fashion.

Database Data

If you are online then you better have a database! Data from a database that has information about your customers is gold to marketers because it comes directly from the source that you care most about – your customers!

Key Takeaways About Data-driven Marketing

Marketing comes from data, and there are many ways to get the data. Regardless of where the data comes from it is important to use it. Marketing is all about creating value for the consumer, and having solid data to back up every decision along the way up until the point of consumer interaction.

What do you love about marketing? Leave me a comment telling me below, and tweet me @akannakeefe with the hashtag #mymktgstory



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